MEP Works

Al Bazzam's MEP team has professionals who are specialized in installation, operation and maintenance of MEP equipment and machines such as Electromechanical systems and HVAC systems, Plumbing networks, Lifts and Elevators, Building Cradle and BMU systems, Automatic Doors and Gate Barriers. We also undertake civil works, fit out work, Pest Control, Fumigation and Sanitization work, all kinds of general cleaning work.

Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing Works

MEP Services

Al Bazzam designates trained, reliable and highly motivated human resources to address a complex and diverse range of MEP skills requirements of our clients.

MEP Includes:

    • Service on a wide variety of equipment ranging from package a/c units, chillers, gas heaters, walk-in boxes, supply, return, exhaust fans, fan coils, and cooling towers.
    • Corrective and routine preventative maintenance checks on all of our equipment.
    • Repair and installation on new HVAC/R equipment for better temperature control and energy efficiency.
    • Electrical
    • Electrical supply, installation and testing
    • HT and LT wiring
    • Monitoring systems – automation solutions, CCTV and access control systems
    • AMC for control panel boards
    • Repair and maintenance of substations
    • Plumbing

      Plumbing issues can be a headache at best and downright disastrous at worst.We designed our facility management plumbing services to prevent issues from arising like Preventive Plumbing Maintenance.

    • Check the drains
    • Assess the pipes for leaks
    • Check the water pressure
    • Drain the water heater and check the burner
    • Assess the hoses for signs of cracks, brittleness or leaking